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About CEM Casting

We offer a full casting service with a multitude of diverse, highly skilled actors or real people for Union/Non Union, Commercial, Theater, Voice Over, Documentary Reenactments, Print and Film/TV.

What does DEI mean for your project?

We will incorporate DIVERSITY, EQUITY and INCLUSION into your project and it will enhance your appeal in today's multi-cultural economy. More importantly its the right thing to do!

We are happy to assist you in finding and fulfilling your DEI needs.

Let us find you diverse talent for today's world.

Candice Edwards-Marchrones

Independant/Freelance Casting Director

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant

Candice Edwards-Marchrones, a woman of bi-racial heritage, immigrated from the U.K, and spread her wings all the way to New York City, 8 years ago to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

With 22+ years experience in front of and behind the camera, Candice also gained a

degree in Media and Performance from the University of Salford, and attended a two year actor training conservatory at The Michael Howard Studios NYC.

Candice's next move was to make her own short film 'Naked Ambition', which she executive produced, cast, wrote and starred in. NA was accepted into 18+ films globally, and won a plethora of awards along its way.

Whilst riding the success wave of her short film(and enjoying it) she was able to secure a freelance job on set, working for client McKinsey & Company. Fast moving her way through the ranks, from PA to 2nd AD, she ended up in the casting department, where she fell in love with her role, and finally felt at home.

Candice's passion for casting and character types was really ignited through her time in acting classes at The Michael Howard Studios. She enjoyed the challenge of actor chemistry, and audition technique, skills she still uses  to this day to help her find and cast the best actors for the role.

Candice takes pride in being able to cast projects throughout the pandemic, with completely COVID safe productions. Her eye for talent and her wealth of diverse experience together with competitive rates, makes her the best candidate for your next project.

She looks forward to receiving your inquiries and working together in the near future!

CEM Casting
CEM Casting

Kathy-Ann Hart

Lawyer, Actress

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant

Kathy-Ann Hart was born on the island of Trinidad, part of the dual-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. She emigrated from Trinidad when she was a high-schooler or what she used to call secondary school to Florida, first. Then, 10 years later she found herself at Harvard Law School pursuing one of her dreams - becoming a lawyer. After practicing corporate law at Ropes & Gray, managing the legal side of multi-billion dollar transactions as a single mother of color, she realized that she wanted to do something to make law firms more inclusive. Thus, she became a DEI consultant with Verna Myers Consulting Group, where she helped large law firms with cultural audits and facilitated workshops on fostering inclusion.

Kathy-Ann also has a strong passion for the arts and actively pursues a career in film, stage and television and continued to work for truth and justice with folks with HIV/AIDS at AIDS Action in Massachusetts, and taught law students at Northeastern Law School about the value of legislating for the social good. 

Having a strong background in DEI and always on the look out for how she can improve the culture of any industry she’s in, Kathy-Ann decided to join forces with CEM Casting to help make the entertainment business more inclusive for all people, particularly for people of color.


Gabrielle Berberich

Jenny Jump Studios

"Candice is tenacious and has a wonderful eye and aesthetic for talent. She has a deep understanding of story and works tirelessly to find actors to fit the need and demands of the project. Her dedication to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is obvious in her choices - and in her ethic. I recommend her wholeheartedly"

Kerri Kenny

Buchwald Signed Actress

"Candice has a keen casting eye with the ability to see the unique qualities & personality of an actor simply from a self tape. She makes you feel like you’ve known her for years within minutes of meeting. While on set, she continues to guide & support talent with a balance of honesty & compassion. Candice is a true professional, as well as a joy to be around!"

Greg Chwerchak


"Candice has a great eye for talent and a great heart for inclusion. Thankfully, her work ethic pairs perfectly with those two assets. You should hire her. She's the best!"

Pem Brown

Progressive Political Activist

"I have known Kathy-Ann for a couple years through her involvement with NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts (where I work). She first joined our Diversity Committee and then our Board of Directors, and in both roles, she has been a constant source of thoughtful insights and dedication to the cause. She is very supportive of staff and her fellow Board/committee members. I just wish we could have even more of Kathy-Ann's time!"

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